Heather Rae Young’s Husband Tarek El Moussa Stops Altercation On Flight-‘My Husband Did Something Very Heroic’

Heather Rae Young has praised her husband Tarek El Moussa for stopping an altercation on their flight. 

Heather Rae Young’s Husband Tarek El Moussa Stops Altercation On Flight-‘My Husband Did Something Very Heroic’

The couple just so happened to be traveling from John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, towards Los Angeles International Airport. During the course of this process, their travel plans were disrupted in a variety of ways.

They apparently had to navigate a 2-hour line through security before facing another 2-hour delay, as they finally managed to get on the plane. Just when you thought that was bad enough, the couple had to get off the plane after it emerged that it was not functioning properly.

Thereafter, their departure gate changed for the third time as things began to take their toll. Fast forward, once they were on the plane, things came to an almighty crescendo. One passenger decided to lash out at the flight staff, which caused Tarek to come to the rescue.

In her comments, Heather said: My husband did something very heroic when a man went crazy on our flight and verbally attacked and physically got in flight attendants’ and pilots’ faces.”

Heather did not elaborate on what precisely went down simply because the couple had experienced one of the worst travelling experiences ever. But with time, she promised her fans that she would open up on what exactly went down. 

With that being said, it is possible to argue that things become serious for the following reasons. First of all, the fact that Heather had to mention this on top of their disastrous flight experience, suggested that things could have gotten out of hand.

Secondly, Heather could have managed to document that incident on film which is why she is speaking out. Regardless of what the case may be, the most important thing is that the pair came out unscathed.

And after everything that happened, they had a lucky escape. So there you have it folks. What did you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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