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Britney Spears Has A Lot To Say About The Documentaries Portraying Her Life

Britney Spears Has A Lot To Say About The Documentaries Portraying Her Life

Over on Instagram, Britney Spears went into a lot of detail about her portrayal in all of the documentaries that have come out about her life since the FreeBritney movement began and her opinion is not favorable of them. While her feelings don’t take away from the attention that the docs brought to the movement, they are still her feelings, and right now it looks like Britney is still hurting from quite a few of these portrayals of her… and that’s allowed.

She’s allowed her feelings on the matter, just as we’re allowed ours, and she has some strong opinions on the matter. She begins by quoting a piece on an article that asks if the docs are exploiting her all over again:

Reflecting Back…

I feel like America has done a wonderful job at humiliating me… just like literally after being dropped off at this airport do you know in all my 20 years, never not one time have I been picked up in a golf cart? I’ve walked 30 yards every time I’ve landed in America to my car… unless I have a man on board and he uses his brain and says “please have Ms. Spears a car by the plane.” which is rare.

Britney Spears Has A Lot To Say About The Documentaries Portraying Her Life

It’s all I’ve known… Walk to the fucking car… but look why they actually did their job for the first time – they knew they were gonna take my pic so they lovingly brought it for the first time in 20 years. That’s America for ya !! I’ve never felt more bullied in my life in this country it’s insane … and come on seriously is it honestly legal to do that many documentaries about someone without their blessing at all??!

Seriously, though, think about it, I’ve never seen that many documentaries done on a person… Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez. Not one person on the face of this earth would people – a network, TV Production or anyone for that matter – dig up that much negative footage and do hour specials claiming it’s “helping me” REALLY???

It was the most insulting thing I ever saw in my life and every person I have spoken to has said its why the conservatorship ended… REALLY??? That’s the saddest thing I ever saw in my life… so people not only get away with what they did to me, not even coming close to sharing what they really did to me, but they can expose me on such an embarrassing tone claiming it’s to “Help me”… I’m not sure why people think it’s legal to completely humiliate me. It would never happen to Will Smith, Halle Berry, or Jane Doe.

I just want to know how people think it helped me when I feel by with just my mouth and my WORD and what I said in my testimony to the judge !! THAT said it all.. that would be ENOUGH. But not in America!! Every person jumps on board with these heartbreaking documentaries and forget the 13 years in my conservatorship… making up for some of my past they literally have no remorse at all. They have always treated me like that, literally that’s exactly what my family did to me. They threw me away and treated me like nothing, just like the private airport where they set me up for a cheap shot.

Honestly, it’s not the fact that they do the whole embarrassing ugly pic sell of me… it’s all the effort in how much research of bad footage they went through to get the footage for the documentaries. It’s so insulting it’s not even funny. And no, asshole, my legs look nothing like that !! America… this nation has been one thing and one thing only to me… a bully. I waited for security at my door for 2 hours in my room on the island I flew in when a scary, weird butler showed up at my room.

They never came until 2 hours later… I called their cell number and their hotel number, I called the CONCIERGE … called them 8 million times and no response, nothing. You’re gonna tell me that’s not fucking with a woman ??! I’m tired of protecting people who don’t protect me. I left them on the island and I will slate that as one of the most significant things I’ve done in my whole life. What would that be ?? Just this alone.

The statement was followed up by several middle finger emojis… I think we can kind of gather how she feels about most of the documentaries and how they have portrayed her and while it doesn’t really take away from the attention it brought to the movement, she had a point… her statement alone should have been enough to bring attention to this movement.

However, can we just talk about how Britney desperately needs a new security team? We’re beginning to see a pattern, first her ex-husband, Jason Alexander skirts right past this yahoo on golf cart who was traveling up behind Britney’s property and claimed to be security and takes footage as he walks right into Britney’s house, now she’s saying it happened on and Island she was vacationing at where a weird man saying he was a Butler was allowed in her room and she didn’t want him there.

From the post, it was unclear whether this happened pre, during, or post conservatorship, but if it’s post conservatorship then she desperately needs a better security team. We do get that the security team was probably not directly answering to her for the duration of her conservatorship, which makes sense but this just looks bad, no matter what security firm she’s using. We can’t say we blame her for leaving them all on the island, we would have too! Stay tuned!!!

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