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90 Day Fiancé: Thais Ramone’s Newest Picture Has Pregnancy Rumors Swarming

There have already been some rumors that Thais Ramone is pregnant, but she has yet to confirm them. She posts quite frequently on her Instagram account and one of her latest pictures really has people talking.

90 Day Fiancé: The Newest Post

When Thais came to Texas to live with her fiancé, Patrick Mendes, things weren’t at all what they seemed. She wasn’t cool with living with his brother, John Mendes. John and Thais do not get along and Thais prefers a quiet lifestyle over John’s loud and party animal lifestyle. Now that she is part of their family, they have a lot of issues to get through and one of these is if she still wants to marry Patrick and live in the states with him.

90 Day Fiancé: Thais Ramone’s Newest Picture Has Pregnancy Rumors Swarming

After talking to her father for the first time about how she was marrying Patrick, he basically told her to come back to Brazil and she could get married to a man she meets there. She is emotionally torn and is not sure what to do about her relationship with Patrick.

With all of this tension mounting, Thais will have to choose between her father and Patrick. We’re not sure how this will end, but it does seem that she could be hiding something from her fans. In the latest picture on Instagram, she shared a selfie in a bathroom mirror. Thais is posing very awkwardly in the mirror and it looks like she is trying to cover up her stomach with her purse. She is posed sideways and wearing a tight tan dress.

There have been a lot of fans who think that she is trying to cover up her baby bump, but there are others who said she was drinking alcohol, while others think that she had a virgin cocktail. There is quite a debate over this on Reddit and the majority of the users there believe that she really is trying to cover up her stomach. The pose looks very forced and it is so awkward.

Thais isn’t the only cast member that has been rumored to be pregnant. We all know that Emily Bieberly is pregnant, but there are also rumors that Kara Bass is pregnant. Kara has not made a statement yet about these rumors, but we will keep an eye on these women to see what they post next. If Thais continues to post these kinds of pictures, it may be pretty obvious at some point that she is trying to hide something.

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