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90 Day Fiancé: Will Immature Guillermo Rojer and Kara Bass Last or Suffer Early Heartbreak?

In the last episode of 90 day fiancé we got to see Kara Bass and fiancé Guillermo Rojer look at a venue for their wedding. Guillermo’s concern isn’t money, he just wants to get married and screw the finances right now. Kara wants to do the courthouse thing, save up for a year and then have the wedding of their dreams.

90 Day Fiancé: Will Guillermo Rojer and Kara Bass last

Both points are valid, but it’s becoming a problem in their relationship because both are locked in a power struggle. Kara wants to dictate how the relationship goes and continually makes decisions without Guillermo’s involvement, or so he says. She always wants to have the utmost control, the final say in the relationship, doesn’t even want Guillermo to spend his own money on a computer that might honestly make life easier for him.

90 Day Fiancé: She’s being a little bit unreasonable. 

Guillermo wants to exist with his fiancé, sure, right now he’s not making the most financially sound decision by wanting a $10,000 wedding, but the point is he wants to get married right now within the 90 day time frame and that’s kind fo what they have to do.

Kara wants to do the quickie wedding at the courthouse, save up, and then have their dream wedding a year later – the problem is, can Guillermo hold out living under such strict financial decisions for so long? It looks like that may be a no.

He’s already pushing back, saying that if it takes it he will live soimewhere else. He doesn’t like being told what to do, and who would? He wants a wife, not a Mom, and Kara is telling him what to do in the exact same way that a parent would right now. Sure, she’s being financially responsible but right now Guillermo can’t really stir a step.

It does make you wonder though just how much debt Kara is actually in that she has to be this judicious with money, I mean, there’s student loan payments, rent, car payments, and just the daily cost of living (those margaritas don’t magically appear at happy hour, don’t’cha know), but there seems to be something else that Kara isn’t saying.

Perhaps she puts a lot of her money back into her business, perhaps she’s got some medical debt she hasn’t fully taken care of yet (more common than you think) perhaps her car is one the repo list or soon to be on the repo list and she doesn’t want to be stuck walking everywhere.

Okay, fair, but poor Guillermo at this point he’d be lucky to be able to buy some candy and a magazine at the checkout at the grocery store with as tight as Kara keeps things. She might just squeeze him so tight that he runs all the way back home. We hope not for her sake. Stay tuned!!!

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