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90 Day Fiancé: Kara Bass’s High School Reunion: Was It Faked For the Show?

As fans were watching Kara Bass at her high school reunion, they noticed some weird things about the scenes. She brought her fiancé, Guillermo Rojer to the reunion and he didn’t seem too thrilled about it. The idea of meeting her ex-boyfriend was weighing on him and he knew it would not end well. In fact, it really didn’t.

90 Day Fiancé: Was the Reunion Fake?

There has been a lot of speculation about the high school reunion and one of the rumors was that Kara’s ex-boyfriend Kris, was a hired actor. Another point that fans made was that there were barely any people there. The party seemed a little weird and the whole balloon setup was odd to fans.

90 Day Fiancé: Kara Bass’s High School Reunion: Was It Faked For the Show?

The scheme with Kara and Kris was very bizarre. Guillermo was on the other side of the room and having a beer with strangers (also weird) when Kris came and sat with Kara. In all actuality, fans feel like he had no reason to be there other than to create drama. (Oh yeah, and ratings.)

Reddit users had a lot to say about the reunion. One user wrote, “It was totally fake. Eight people sitting in a cafeteria drinking screwdrivers in a class reunion? Meeting up with your ex from high school to talk about sex you had 10 years ago is a good time?” Another added, “I know TLC has had people pretend in the past. There was a show filmed near me and they needed “friends” so they had an ad up at my kids high school.”

It looks as if TLC had sent out messages to people asking if they would like to come to the reunion and be on camera. Interestingly enough, like many high school reunions, we didn’t see any awards, games, or superlatives like at other reunions. This really wasn’t at all like a real  high school reunion. Viewers have pointed that out since the episode aired and it just seemed to scripted.

We have heard from cast members before that the show is scripted and that the network will do anything to make scenes look better for ratings. It is pretty obvious that Kara didn’t know the guy who was playing her e-boyfriend just by the way she looked at him. She and Kris also looked much younger than a lot of the people at the reunion, which has also led viewers to believe that it was all fake.

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