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90 Day Fiancé: Why the 90 day fandom can’t stand Mohamed Abdelhamed

The 90 day fandom is a pretty forgiving fandom, so far everyone in it is accepting of other people’s cultures (even if they find some of the practices questionable) and we even forgive the fact that in the cases of some cast members that we can only see what they’re saying when subtitles are provided. (For instance, this season, it’s Thais Ramone, for a couple of the other seasons it’s been Biniyam Shibre.)

So before anyone accuses the fandom of blanket Islamophobia, or discriminating against bilingual people, trust me when I say that is not it, our beef with Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano is a feature that seems to be distinctly his own, and we’re not sure that he can help it but if he can… we hope he does soon.

90 Day Fiancé: Why the 90 day fandom can’t stand Mohamed Abdelhamed

We’re not sure why he has that particular rhythm and intonation but no one in the history of any bilingual person who has ever been on the show has ever spoken like that and we’re… over it. Also Mohamed seems to give off some weird cues, a few of the more neurodivergent members of the fandom are completely confused by him, because he is calm and smiling while he is allegedly fighting with Yve.

Even for someone who is not on the spectrum, this is weird, there are some people who appreciate the fact that he doesn’t get “too animated” during a fight, but for the rest of us we’re sitting here confused and frustrated and waiting on him to lose it one day.

Honestly, that might make a lot of us feel better if he did. Because the weird intonation and rhythm of his words and the way he smiles while fighting – does he give off low-key cult leader vibes to anyone else? Granted, cult leaders have to have at least a tad of charisma and it seems like whatever charisma Mohamed has may have been left back in his home country, he forgot to pack it along with that bidet that he made such a fuss about. For right now we’ll continue putting up with Mohamed’s weird way of speaking, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Stay tuned!!!

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