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Trisha Paytas Gets COVID While Pregnant

Trisha Paytas hasn’t been social distancing much in the past couple of months, even though she is pregnant, she’s been traveling and having gender reveal parties and baby showers and the like, but now she ha paid the ultimate price – she has COVID.

Fortunately, Trisha is vaccinated, she says, even though she didn’t really touch on that before but she always seemed to comply with wearing masks, unlike some influencers we could name (AKA: Tana Mongeau), so there was a difference between her and Tana. Today she posted a video from what looked like an urgent care, all masked up, you could barely understand what she was saying she was so sick.

Trisha Paytas gets COVID while pregnant

She says that right now she’s on tylenol for her symptoms (from what I could understand, she was talking really low in the video) and that she was not going to be hospitalized for her condition, which is a good thing, she just hoped that her baby was okay.

The really sucky thing about this hospital trip was that it happened on her birthday! On May 8th, her birthday, Trisha was hospitalized with COVID. She said that she hadn’t been able catch her breath all night and from the vlog we could tell that she was coughing really hard.

She did reccommend that her viewers continue to wear masks and she did admit that she was simply doing too many things and that she could have caught COVID anywhere, from touching surfaces, anything.

So proof right there that we are not actually out of the pandemic, folks, you can still catch it. Also, a pregnant woman’s immunity is lowered for cold and flu and the like so when it comes to COVID it’s very easy for a pregnant woman to catch it.

In fact some have reported much more serious symptoms than Trisha, women who have had long hospital stays and even had to re-learn how to walk again when the disease ravaged their bodies in such a dramatic way. Trisha is lucky to have gotten vaccinated, and is lucky to not be much sicker than she actually is. We hope she has a speedy recovery.