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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Wait, Olivia Plath has a brother?

Those of you who have been following their social media will recognize Nathan, Olivia’s brother, who’s just 18. It’s his first time out of his parents house and hoo boy, you can tell. He says that he grew up not unlike the Plaths, again, you can tell. Unlike Olivia who has a sunny, warm personality, poor Nathan doesn’t seem to know quite what to do with himself.

We’ll chalk it up to nerves and his first time being on-camera, ever. He sort of looks like a fish out of water, but then again most all of the Plath kids had that same deer-in-the-headlights look when the show first started filming, so, we’ll give him a few episodes to adjust.

Wait, Olivia Plath has a brother?

Nathan is very, very mild mannered, so mild that he almost disappears in this episode. Yes, he’s there, but he’s a very blink and you’ll miss it part of the episode, then again, he’s not one of the Plaths, therefore he’s not a main player in the drama.

It would seem that he was added in at the last minute when Max Kall, Moriah’s boyfriend, backed out of the living arrangement, which Micah had previously referred to as a permanent couples situation. Looks like it wasn’t so permanent, eh, Micah?

While we don’t get the vibe that Nathan is uncomfortable at all, we do get the vibe that he’s definitely not used to this sort of arrangement and we also get the vibe that he wasn’t socialized outside his sibling group (another group of 10 siblings) very much.

That’s not surprising among very religious, homeschool circles, sometimes those types of kids have no one but their parents and siblings. We do wonder how he’s going to settle in though. Will he possibly let sis-in-law Moriah teach him a few things about the world?

I’d say Ethan, but it seems Ethan is kind of on the same level as Nathan and is still a little clueless about things aside from all things car-wise. It’ll be interesting to see how Nathan makes his way in his new hometown of Tampa. Stay tuned!!!