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Meet Katie Holmes’ New Man, Musician Bobby Wooten III

It looks like Katie Holmes is officially off the market. She has been spotted multiple times with musician, Bobby Wooten III and it looks as if they have made it official and they have announced that they are dating. On Thursday, they were seen in Central Park in New York City together and looking very happy and in love. They were even spotted kissing there and it looks as if they are getting very close.

The New Couple

From what we have seen on social media, these two Katie and Bobby love being around each other and they were seen kissing deeply, and then Katie stopped to give her mother a hug. If Bobby is already meeting her mother, this has got to be pretty darn serious. They walked hand in hand together and took a little date to visit the Guggeneim Museum.

Celebs: Katie Holmes New Man

Katie, who we saw in “Thank You for Smoking” has been linked to a few men since her divorce with Tom Cruise, but we haven’t seen her looking this happy in quite sometime. This is actually one of the first public relationships that we have seen her in however. Back in May of 2021, she and chef, Emilio Vitolo Jr. broke up after they dated for about eight months.

A source close to Katie said, at the time, “Katie has a lot of big priorities in her life- she’s a single mom, her daughter always comes first, and things were moving very fast.” They met very early in 2020 at his family’s restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato. They were pretty close and some said inseperable, but according to their close friends, their careers were going in different directions and they split up.

Holmes was also linked to Jamie Foxx, who she dated for six year and of course, we cannot forget her very public marriage to Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012. Suri is now 16 years old and living in New York with Katie.

Bobby is a Grammy-nominated composer and he is best known for playing bass with David Byrne is “American Utopia”. This was what really put him in the eyes of the music world. He is incredibly talented and when he plays, very high energy.

We are very happy for Katie and hope that she and Bobby are doing well and have found the love and happiness that they have been looking for in their lives. You can keep an eye on them on social media.

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