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Love Is Blind: Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams Dating Rumors

With Coachella here, fans of the festival have been shocked by so much that has happened there so far. One thing that has caught the eye of reality show fans is the picture of Love Is Blind co-stars, Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams. These two were on the dating show together in hopes of finding love through a wall.

They both thought that they had found love, but their partners weren’t the best quality for them. They left the show single, but Kyle did drop a few hints that he thought Deepti was gorgeous and that he should have just picked her and not Shaina Hurley. Could this be what started their friendship and has it become more than just that?

Love Is Blind: Coachella Pictures

When he was asked about his biggest regret about being on the show, he admitted that he should have proposed to Deepti instead of Shaina. Kyle talked about how he felt like he had a real connection with Deepti and although she didn’t say anything to respond to him, there have been a lot of rumors that they are dating and the newest pictures show them together at Coachella.

Love Is Blind: Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams Dating Rumors

They both live in Chicago and they have been seen together many times. There has been no confirmation of their relationship though.

On April 16, the couple was seen at Coachella together and they posed with Katie Thurston from the Bachelor. Katie was with her new boyfrined, John Hersey and it looks like Deepti and Kyle are pretty close. They are actually holding hands in the picture.

Kyle really tried to throw off fans by writing, “I can’t believe I randomly ran into you three.” Then John added, “Kyle, I swear to god if you post like that this weekend, I’m photoshopping you.” It looks as if this group has started hanging out a lot more than anyone thinks. This is why the rumors are really brewing.

Fans of Love Is Blind were quick to notice the hand holding and the looks on their faces. It does look as if they are more than friends in this picture. They have hinted that they are more than just friends. Kyle did tell a fan that they were “way late to the game” when it came to dating and being on the show.

Kyle and Deepti were fan favorites on the show and do hope that they are doing well in love and life.

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