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logan paul impaulsive liver balls

Logan Paul, Jake Paul & Dad Eat Raw Sheep Testicles On Air “Sashimi” Style

That’s not an insult! On a recent episode of the Logan Paul podcast, Logan Paul decided that he was going to eat balls… that’s right, he, his Dad, and brother Jake decided to eat sheep testicles on-air… raw sheep testicles. Logan spoke for the entire internet when he coughed and spit out the raw meat, his Dad called him a “bitch” and told him, “Hand me that nut right there.”

Logan handed it to his Dad and his Dad proceeded to consume it. Jake on the other hand, compared it to “Sashimi” and said, “It’s not as good, but…” all the while, his mouth completely full.

Logan Paul eats balls

One of their guests on the show, “the Liver King” said that he had tried this dish before as well and would “like his balls any f*ckin’ way” apparently he’s a big fan of this dish. We could tell that Logan, who seems to be the slightly more sane brother out of the Paul duo (that’s not saying a lot) is not.

Though it does beg the question, it looked like Logan and Jake’s Dad consumes these on a regular basis and Jake didn’t really seem like much of a stranger to the concept either, so it kind of does beg the question about how many times they’ve actually had this dish.

And who serves it in California? We’ve all heard of Rocky Mountain Oysters but we thought that was a largely Big Sky Country thing, not a California thing. Then again, we suppose you can definitely find a resteraunt who wil prepare the dish out in California, or maybe Jake, Logan, and Dad decided to have an entirely male bonding experience and just purchased a big bag of meat online and made the dish from scratch… because that’s the kind of male bonding experience you want, just buying a big bag of meatballs with your Dad and eating them… like sushi.

I’ve heard of cookouts but somehow this just doesn’t give off the same energy, this… feels like some sort of caveman ritual… perhaps it’s just a Paul family thing. Stay tuned!!!