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Logan Paul Wants His Friends To ‘Check’ His Dad? - Here's Why

Logan Paul Wants His Friends To ‘Check’ His Dad? – Here’s Why

On a recent episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, Logan Paul admitted that over the years he had repeatedly asked a friend of his to assault his Dad… yes, that’s right, physically assault, as in, give a beatdown to, as in, get physical, as in swing first.

Now, we did hear things in the past about Logan and Jake Paul’s Dad, we heard that he can be quite overbearing and that this totally explains why the apples don’t fall far from the tree as far as human beings go, but this is the first time we’ve heard either of the Paul brothers express that they have actively encouraged their friends to physically harm him.

Logan Paul Wants His Friends To ‘Check’ His Dad? – Here’s Why

Logan Paul seemed to back up this statement by saying, “I’m just saying, one day he’s gonna get checked, and someone has to check him.” we’re not actually going to deny that, from what we heard way back in 2018 in some rumors surrounding the Shane Dawson/Jake Paul documentary there were some less than savory things that came out about Jake and Logan’s Dad, saying that he was kind of a loudmouth that had been unfaithful to their Mom and that was the reason that they divorced ultimately, but again that was just rumors that came out at the time of that documentary.

Still, it says something that a man’s own son would hit up his friends and ask them if they wanted to physically harm his Dad.

Then again, it’s Logan Paul. This is the same guy who took pictures and video in a suicide forest way back when, we’re not saying he didn’t grow from the experience of getting cancelled we’re just saying that questionable statements should be expected of him by now.

Still, it’s a little unsettling and you kind of have to wonder how uncomfortable his various acquaintances feel whenever he’s mentioned it. Imagine being put on the spot by your friend and asked if you want to fight their Dad – even if their Dad arguably deserved it, it would put you in a hell of a place within that friendship simply because when one is not raised in The Thunderdome one is raised to respect one’s elders… no matter how loudmouthed and irritating they may be. Yike. Stay tuned!!!