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Logan Paul admits it “wasn’t worth it” on stage at Coachella

Olivia O’Brien released a song a couple of years ago called “Josslyn” about a girl whom the guy that she was seeing at the time cheated on her with. In the song she kept asking the question, “Was it worth it?” she didn’t expect the song to get any traction and blow up, but it did.

Her friends did the thing that friends often do and put two and two together concerning Olivia’s relationship and realized that the guy she was talking about in the song happened to be freakin’ Logan Paul! Which isn’t all that surprising since musicians and influencers tend to run in the same crowds these days.

Logan Paul admits it “wasn’t worth it” on stage at Coachella

In an interview however, when questioned about the song and if she ever got to ask the guy if it was “worth it” for him she said that she didn’t get the chance to ask him that question and she didn’t want to know either way. Fair enough, who wants that kind of detail about cheating? Obviously, if someone cheated on you and the relationship is over then there’s nothing more to really say to them, they cheated, it’s over, that’s that, does it matter if it was worth it or not?

Apparently to Logan Paul it does, because no matter what Olivia has said in the past, he came on-stage at coachella holding a huge sign saying “It wasn’t worth it” after her performance of the song. Holy gaslight, Batman, what on earth is this?

Olivia looked kind of dumbfounded by the stunt, of course the Logan Paul stans in the audience cheered him on but what was he really trying to accomplish by such a declaration at a music festival? Does he want to get back together with Olivia? It just seems a little self-aggrandizing to come out, after a couple of years have passed and jump on the bandwagon now, especially when Olivia wasn’t actually asking for him to endorse the song.

In fact it seems like he’s trying to catch a little of the song’s clout for himself because he learned that it was about him. How lame is that? Maybe he’d better stick to boxing and podcasting. Stay tuned!!!