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Britney Spears Goes OFF In New Post, LAMBASTS Former Conservatorship Therapists

It’s no secret that Britney Spears is no huge fan of therapy, but after being forced to go every day for 13 years, who can really blame her? After her recent miscarriage, she posted in a video to fans a video lambasting her former therapists, mocking the therapy-speak that they most often do when welcoming one back to the office, and ending the video with a very specific message to all of the therapist, who had, according to her, just ‘taken her money’, “Kiss my motherf$#ing ass!!!” which has prompted a lot of people to question if Britney is indeed having a mental health crisis.

The thing is, right now Britney is grieving. Being emotional, saying things in the moment is all part of the process and one can see where she would definitely go off the deep end at the thought of ever having to go back to anyone who acted toward her the way that these therapists acted.

Britney Spears lambasts former therapists

Also, people are forgetting that it’s one thing to enter therapy of one’s own accord, when one has a choice, however it’s an entirely different story when one does not have a choice and one is forced to do so in order to comply with what was basically false imprisonment.

To those who are questioning her mental health, and thought the video was uncomfortable to watch – then it seems that’s exactly what Britney wants her followers to feel when watching this video. So, Britney’s not actually crazy, she’s just crazy like a fox. She wants people to feel uncomfortable because that’s the way she felt for so long, for 13 years, she felt uncomfortable just existing and now it would seem.. its our turn.

More appropriately, it seems that its her family’s turn, because she had a special shout-out to them as well telling them all to go to hell for condoning “this torture”. Clearly, this was a message to her family asking them, “Do you think that any of this helped?” It was the pettiest way to convey that message and… honestly… we’re here for it. Stay tuned!!!