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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Shaeeda Sween Accuses 90DF Fanbase of Racism & Islamophobia For Bilal Hazziez Criticism

90 Day Fiancé Season 9 castmember Shaeeda Sween the following: “Perception is reality and we’ve been conditioned to perceive a black man as illiterate, dead beat, scared, and struggling – once he isn’t that then YES he is a NARCISSISST, controlling, the WORST ever, let’s destroy him.

Emasculate him, to remind him of what he has to be!” but the 90 day fandom, has been pretty welcoming of other races and religions, if we think about it. There have been several muslim cast members, and quite a few black cast members, but the fandom doesn’t not like Bilal because of those two qualities.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Bilal Hazziez being cancelled because of racism and Islamophobia?

The fandom doesn’t like Bilal because he’s simply insufferable. Now, maybe Shaeeda is just a woman who is used to uber abusive men in her life and Bilal is mild compared to what she came from. We don’t know what she endured in Trinidad and Tobago before she came to the US, but the impression that we got of the family that we did see (her Mom) was that they were very loving and supportive and not like Bilal at all.

In fact, her Mom told her that if Bilal didn’t treat her right that she could come home. Now, it’s easy to understand where maybe Shaeeda wouldn’t want to give up yet, but perhaps there’s another reason why Shaeeda is posting this on her social media.

If Shaeeda was the one who actually posted that. Some on social media have speculated that Bilal either stole Shaeeda’s phone and posted that to her account on his own, or he made Shaeeda post it, or Shaeeda is simply in deep denial and making posts pouting about how everyone is attacking her fiance for being black and muslim when that is simply not the case.

Now that she’s made this kind of post we kind of wonder if we need to send her a coded message telling her to blink twice if she’s in trouble, or wear yellow, or something that the FreeBritney movement perfected.

Bilal simply strikes us as the type of man who will never truly be happy, it won’t matter which woman he marries, or how many kids he has, or what career he’s into, there will always be something that he will be malcontent about. We just hope that if Shaeeda is truly in trouble, she can take a cue from wife #1 and jump ship before its too late. Stay tuned!