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Britney Spears Calls BS!

We all sort of raised an eyebrow when Jamie Lynn Spears said that her book was a “National Best Seller” because the last time we checked, book sales weren’t actually going that well for her and she was at the bottom of all the rankings (except for one Christian book list out there) but bottom of the rung or not, it looks like somehow Jamie Lynn Spears’ book, “Thing I Should Have Said” made it onto the National Best Seller’s list.

Big sis Britney Spears however is calling BS.

She took to instagram to say what everyone actually thought and brought the house down beautifully, just like the queen she is. In her post, in which she posted two videos, she said, “National Best Seller? DUH … the timing of your book was unbelievable Jamie Lynn… especially knowing the whole world had no clue what was really done to me!!!

Britney calls BS!

My whole family including you is saying YOU DIDN’T KNOW … Bullshit!!! But what these women are saying here is pretty clear!!! I’m just kinda shocked that more people like these real soul sisters aren’t telling it like it is!!!Congrats best seller… I’m not surprised at all!!!

The nerve of you to sell a book and talk shit but your fucking lying just like you lied about Alexa Nikolas!!! I wish you would take a lie detector test so all these masses of people see you’re lying through your teeth about me!!! I wish the almighty, Lord would come down and show this whole world that you’re lying and making money off me!!!! You are scum, Jamie Lynn!!!”

Did anybody hear that mic drop? Because we sure did. 

The videos that Britney had posted were two clips of the talk show The Real, in which the hosts were discussing Jamie Lynn Spears’ book and how she should have gone to Britney first before she wrote the book.

One host in particular posed a really good question, why was Jamie Lynn even trying to clear her name at all if she allegedly wasn’t involved in the conservatorship as she said she wasn’t on so many occasions, who did she have to justify herself to besides Britney? It just seemed like an attempt to change the narrative surrounding the parents so that Jamie Lynn is perpetually the ‘good’ daughter.

Another host brought up the fact that Will Smith did a book last year, and they said that when he did his book he brought in everyone who was mentioned in the book and had them vet it so that it didn’t particularly favor one point of view over another.

This is a great idea when your family is on speaking terms with one another, but not possible in a toxic family dynamic like the Spears’ have.

However, all of this book seems like it would have been better if there had been a private conversation between sisters first, and according to Britney’s instagram she tried to do this – awhile back she posted that she had tried to get together with her “family” but that they were leaving on a book tour for 2 weeks and that it had hurt her deeply, this was shortly before the conservatorship officially ended but during the time that Britney gained full control of her social media accounts.

This reference to family could have only meant Jamie Lynn because she was the only one out of the Spears’ clan who was writing a book at the time. Also, it seems that Jamie Lynn has been a busy little bee because the book itself says that she has been working on it for the past four years – that means she started this way before the conservatorship ended, she started this book around 2017 when the machine was still going like clockwork.

Maybe this “best seller” status has come at a good time, but one has to wonder just what exactly changed hands in order for Jamie Lynn’s book to be in trouble of flopping one minute and on the best seller list the next… something is fishy. Stay tuned!!!

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