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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Gino Palazzolo Has More Problems Than Just a Pre-nup With Jasmine Pineda

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers tells that we didn’t realize we were dealing with a big spender! Gino Palazzolo, let it slip that he is actually a very rich man, at least when it comes to stocks and bonds. He has a good number of investments and that’s how he can afford to support Panamanian fiancé Jasmine in her time of need.

She has to have a $700 a month apartment because her roommate situation went downhill and even though she is working three jobs she said that there is no way she would ever be able to afford that kind of rent on just those salaries. (Yike, what is the average salary in Panama anyway?)

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Gino has more problems than just a pre-nup

It looks like the place is pretty nice, but Gino is not working right now, so while he is applying for a spousal visa for Jasmine things could take awhile and he doesn’t want to dip into his retirement which is around $650,000… that’s a good nest egg.

But still, that can go fast once one stars paying rent and utilities out of it, especially in a foriegn country. Still, when he talked to his Uncle Marco, his uncle suggested that they talk about getting a pre-nup because he insists that Gino protect himself.

While that is a good, golden idea, especially considering that Gino has been there before – this is not his first time bringing a wife over from a foriegn country. Apparently his ex-wife was from Brazil, and they ended up getting a divorce and he said that he had to pay her a divorce settlement… but he seems to have recovered quite nicely from that, at least financially. He said that was before he had all the stock, interesting.

Now it seems that Jasmine, when cornered, is pitching a fit because Gino’s ex wife still sports Gino’s last name. He says that he doesn’t go around thinking about her last name or what she meant to him at all but Jasmine says she has to see her on social media and now she wants his ex-wife to drop his last name before they get married.

This might be a huge headache because we’re not sure how long the ex has had this name and how attached to it she really is, or if she has anything in her name professionally that might be connected with it. Yike. Jasmine drives a hard bargain… will this be a breaking point though? Stay tuned!!!