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True Crime: Michigan Woman, Justine Johnson, Kills Child After Hearing Voices

True Crime: Michigan Woman, Justine Johnson, Kills Child After Hearing Voices

A Michigan woman is now being charged with the murder of her child because she claimed to hear voices coming out of her television. She told the police that she was hallucinating while she was watching SpongeBob SquarePants with her child. She said the show told her that she needed to kill her child.

The 22-year-old woman, Justine Johnson is being charged with the felony murder and first-degree child abuse of her daughter, Sutton Mosser.

True Crime: What Happened?

Johnson ended up stabbing her daughter, Sutton multiple times. She is pleading not guilty to these charges against her. She told Iosco County Child Protective Services that there were voices coming from her television and they were threatening her life.

True Crime: Michigan Woman Kills Child After Hearing Voices

These voices told her that if she didn’t kill her child, she would end up dying. She specifically said that the voice was SpongeBob’s and he was the one that would kill her if she didn’t kill her daughter.

The incident happened back in September of 2021 and the police have been holding Johnson ever since. The judge did determine that she is mentally fit for her upcoming trial. It did come out that Johnson had been using heroin previously and at the time of the murder, she was going through severe withdrawal. Johnson also admitted that she was also using cocaine on the day that she stabbed her daughter. Her daughter had just turned three years old a few days before Johnson killed her.

The murder happened on September 17 of 2021. Her brother was looking for Sutton when he got off of work and she wasn’t at her grandmother’s where she was supposed to be. He went looking around and he saw a human foot sticking out of a garbage bag on the property.

That is when he said he knew something bad had happened to Sutton. When police began to investigate this case, they did find blood on the floor and in her bathtub. They are still working to make sure who the blood belongs to.

This incident was something very unexpected and tragic. It is bizarre how she said SpongeBob was telling her to kill her child. The family of Johnson and Sutton are devasted about what happened and they are still trying to wrap their heads around it. Our hearts go out to the family and we will continue to monitor this case to see what happens with Johnson after her sentencing trial.

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