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Britney Spears Is Getting Nude JUST To Spite Her Family

It’s all in the name of revenge, you guys. There’s a new report that says Britney Spears is posting all of her nearly naked photos on social media as a way to lash out and get back at her family for apparently “ruining” her life with her nearly 14-year conservatorship. At least, that’s what one author believes. Here’s what you need to know.

According to sources, Britney’s recent nudity on Instagram is her way of rebelling against her estranged family, which includes her sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

Britney Spears Is Getting Nude Just To Spite Her Family

The younger Spears managed to get under her sister’s skin when she claimed that Britney was “screaming” and “cursing”at her family when they were in quarantine together during the start of the pandemic. If that weren’t enough, Jamie also said in her book, “Things I Should Have Said” that Britney was acting “erratic” and “paranoid” and spiraling” at times.

However, author Steve Dennis, who spent time with Britney’s family in Louisiana for his book, “Britney: Inside the Dream” says that there’s a shock value to what Britney is doing. He said, In the past … her parents would have been horrified at what she’s doing — and that’s why she is doing it. It’s almost like there’s ‘How do you like me now?’ written all over it.”

Britney, who is now 40, has been sharing a lot of near-naked photos on Instagram, including topless ones and some photos of emojis covering just her private parts. Just last month Britney said that she’s not doing “music anymore” as a “f*** you” to her family. She also claims that her mother Lynne Spears has “secretly ruined my life.”

However, Dennis says that not all of this behavior should be looked at as troubling. Dennis said that Britney’s current behavior is par for the course for her — in a good way.

“This is woman who is feeling liberated really for the first time in her life,” Dennis said. “I think we’re seeing a woman saying ‘f–k you’ to every aspect of the control that ruled her life and every person who has been part of that control. Britney has always been a rebel. I think she is definitely feeling free.”

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