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And Just Like That – …What happened in this episode again?


When we saw last week’s preview for episode 6 of “And Just Like That” it looked interesting, but on the second pass on this episode, I’m finding it hard to remember what exactly went on.

The only thing that remotely stood out was the fact that Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) new friend invited her to celebrate Diwali, the traditional Indian celebration of light over darkness, in her family home and they went and picked out traditional saris for the occasion. Thank God Carrie asked if that was appropriate because we were kind of worried.

And Just Like That – …What happened in this episode again?

The other thing that stood out was the fact that Miranda Hobbes is entirely too obsessed with Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) – sure, OG Miranda’s mind would have definitely strayed into thinking about Che a lot, but putting her entire existence on hold to ‘recreate the moment’ as it were… was a little out of character.

Though, considering what she was fantasizing about, which was Che continually asking for consent, one has to wonder what she’s really attracted to here – is it Che or is it simply the idea of someone that really respects her boundaries? (If it’s the latter then damn, that’s a bad look for Steve.)

The plastic surgery consultation was very…. boring, if one didn’t do time in a plastic surgeon’s office then one wouldn’t know half of what that exchange was about.

Also, if this were the OG Sex and the CIty then Carrie and Jonathan Groff’s character would have probably ended up having a one night stand or two because it seemed that’s kind of where she was going, but then the writers remembered that her husband just died and she’s supposed to be grieving him – oh yeah, no nookie for you, Carrie!

Speaking of things that are out of character, the fact that Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) could identify with Miranda’s Che obsession is just… odd. At least she got offended when Miranda disclosed that she was having an affair with Che – that’s a shade of the old Charlotte that we could all appreciate.

Speaking of things we can appreciate, can we all appreciate how quickly Carrie is back in heels after hip surgery? Also, her look in the final shot was amazing, love the dress. Stay tuned!!!

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