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Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Highlights, bad moves, and is there hope for the future?

Univision Vencer el Pasado spoilers indicate the men are still trash on this show. And now it’s spreading to the younger bunch. Let’s take a look at the mess that was a party, as well as a highlight of the episode. Plus, someone isn’t proving herself a supporter of women right now. Let’s see what happened.

Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Weeping for the future

So, Vencer el Pasado spoilers indicate the men are super questionable in this series. And it looks like the next generation isn’t helping any. Danna Cruz Medina (Ana Paula Martínez) was allowed to go to a party where it doesn’t look like they had much in the way of supervision. Predictably, some of the kids were drinking. This led to Danna’s friend falling into a pool and losing consciousness.

Danna was smart. She was worried about her friend and called out everyone there. Most of the kids were busy taking video of her friend, Larisa, drinking and falling into the water. A lot of them were actually happy to keep partying, even as one of their own lay motionless on a lounge chair. We applaud Danna for having a brain. But this scene was a harsh commentary on how social media and the desire to go viral with shocking content can turn dangerous. And Iñaki, the kid Danna tried to take video of before, was one of the worst.

See, after humiliating Danna over her father’s videos, he pretended to make peace. However, as soon as Larisa’s parents came along and found their daughter in that condition, he turned on Danna big-time. Danna had made the mistake of taking the bottle of booze from him in disgust to get rid of it. So, he claimed she brought the booze and made everyone drink. So now Danna is considered a bad influence.

Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Not helping your case

So, remember when Fabiola Mascaró (Africa Zavala) got called out for thinking females had to give up all their femininity to be successful? And was accused of not really supporting women, as she’s the only one of any power in her family’s company? Well, Fabiola didn’t do much to prove Ariadna López Hernández (Claudia Álvarez) wrong when Renata Sánchez Vidal (Angelique Boyer) came knocking for a job. She humiliated Renata in front of the others and refused to listen when Renata insisted that kit was stolen from her. Or that she had the knowledge and experience to make a totally new and different one. Instead, she sent Renata packing and seemed to judge Renata for that viral video after she left.

She did get a bit of her own medicine later, though. Her father decided to go find some new investors for the company without her. And he didn’t seem pleased with his daughter at all. See, that proposal she turned down seems to have lost them an investor. Oops. We’ll see how long she’s working there.

Univision Vencer el Pasado Spoilers: Highlight

Finally, Vencer el Pasado spoilers reveal a huge highlight of the episode. You probably know Mariluz Blanco’s (Arantza Ruiz) situation by now. Her ex-boyfriend talked her into talking nude photos for his eyes only. However, when she ended up not wanting to leave the country with him, he released those pictures online. Which got her kicked out. Plus, she was nearly raped thanks to the photos, her story is all over the net now, and she’s being judged harshly. Not even her sister’s husband wants her around.

So, Mariluz almost killed herself by running off a cliff. However, she stopped at the last minute and screamed about why should she die? She thinks her ex should, instead. And she’ll tell him that to his face if she ever sees him again. The scene was a real nail-biter in the lead up to her stopping, and Ruiz’s performance was so good, we want to watch it again. We think she’s definitely someone to look out for in the novela world.

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