Univision Vencer el Pasado: What we know about the new series

Univision Vencer el Pasado reveal we’re learning more about this show. The series is the third—and final—in a franchise that began with Vencer el Miedo. Each series has told the story of four women and their struggles in life.

It’s also been one of those shows that can do social commentary and messaging while still being entertaining and engaging. Although, we do cringe over those last moments of each one.

Usually, they have the protagonistas break the fourth wall while going on about the things said to women. That part gets a bit heavy-handed, and we expect it to play a role in this one.

So what’s this new show about? When can you expect it? Let’s take a look at the latest.

Univision Vencer el Pasado: The story

First, this one gets a bit more modern. In an age where Cancel Culture and political fighting makes the internet a bit toxic at times, the show has decided to tackle technology.

According to a People en Español Angelique Boyer, the lead, says this will focus on several women who become online targets.

The show will deal with the fact that nothing put online ever truly goes away, and that overcoming something in your past requires doing something about it now and focusing on what you want for the future.

An awesome message, we think. If the name sounds familiar, by the way, she was also the lead in Imperio de Metiras, besides having several other big novelas to her credit. In fact, this will be a reunion of sorts.

Univision Vencer el Pasado: The leads

Boyer wil be playing a character named Renata, and will look a lot different in this show. She’s gone brunette in this part, where she’ll be reunited with boyfriend and former co-star Sebastián Rulli.

The two shared the screen together in several novelas, including Teresa and Tres Veces Ana. Also starring in Vencer el Pasado are Erika Buenfil, Arantza Ruiz and Ana Paula Martínez. Not much is known about their characters yet, other than names. But we’ll let you know when more comes out.

Univision Vencer el Pasado: Familiar faces

If you’ve been following the trilogy, you know someone always carries over from one to the other. Vencer el Pasado spoilers reveal this one is no exception.

Claudia Álvarez will reprise her role as Ariadna López Hernández, while Valentina Buzzurro returns as Gemma Corona, who is staying with another returning character. Stay tuned for more, as well as how these two will fit into the story.

As for when you can expect to see this, the novela is already filming and has been for a little while. According to Rosy Ocampo, the creator, the show is supposed to start airing in Mexico sometime in June, barring any unforeseen changes.

So, we can likely expect to get it within a few weeks of the Mexican premiere, if the previous two are anything to go by. We’ll also likely see it at 8 PM EST, as that was the timeslot for the others. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

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