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Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Update

The marriage of Amy Roloff and Chris Marek was one for the books. The couple really wanted to show fans just how much they love one another and until now, there have been very few pictures of their special day. The couple just posted about their fifth year of dating and were happy to share pictures with their fans.

They have now known each other for five years and they wanted to celebrate with one another and wanted to share with their diehard fans.

Little People, Big World: Amy and Chris Share Their Love

Amy posted a few pictures of her with Chris and shared them with fans, She captioned her post, “Today marks five years of knowing and dating each other.” She pointed out that it was a day that was “worthy of a celebration and acknowledgment”.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Share Pictures

She said that even though they are married, this is still the day that they met and celebrate it as their dating anniversary. She told her fans that Chris is her best friend and they are on an amazing journey in their lives right now. They have been married for going on three weeks now and she couldn’t be happier right now.

Some of the pictures that Amy included in her post were from their wedding. We haven’t seen many of these pictures of their wedding since the marriage happened. Things have been pretty hush hush about the wedding and many fans think that it is because TLC will show the wedding in its entirety on the network. The NDAs would be broken if anyone slipped and posted pictures of the wedding without TLC knowing.

Little People, Big World: Matt Wasn’t Invited

Matt Roloff didn’t attend the wedding because he and his girlfriend were not invited. Some fans thought it was wrong of her to not invite him, after all, he did let her get married at the farm. She made sure that her fans knew that there were no hard feelings, but she thought it would be weird if he was invited to her wedding with his girlfriend.

Matt has been pretty excited about his life lately and has been trying to relax as much as he can with the fall season coming up. Running a pumpkin farm is hard work as fall rolls in and it seems like he was happy to give up the farm for a day and relax with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Chris and Amy seem to be in marriage bliss and their fans are happy to see just how in love they still are after five years.

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