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Katie Thurston

‘The Bachelorette’: Katie Thurston Has ‘Spoken Privately’ To Greg Grippo 

Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston has admitted that she has addressed her issues with Greg Grippo behind closed doors. 

‘The Bachelorette’: Katie Thurston Has ‘Spoken Privately’ To Greg Grippo

The duo were involved in one of the most dramatic seasons on The Bachelorette. Greg stormed out of the show after telling Katie that he loved her but had enough when she failed to do the same.

This was followed by accusations that Greg was playing up to the cameras in order to boost his public profile. But for all the rumours that were swirling around, that chapter is now a closed book.

In a post to her fans on Twitter, Katie said: “Greg and I have spoken privately and moved on. You should too.” This comment was in response to a handful of social media users who accused Katie of bullying and bashing Greg publicly just because he had the courage of his convictions to declare his feelings for Katie and stand by what he believed in.

Although Katie denied that there was anything personal against Greg, the fact that she continues to mention his name has left fans wondering whether there is still some bitterness. And that was reflected in the following comment.

One user remarked: “Anyone who uses their platform to bully and harass a person who simply was expressing his own, real feelings, all the while publicly ripping him to shreds, does not represent a trustworthy person, nor a person there ‘for the right reasons.”

Regardless of what the wider public think, Katie is trying to not let it faze her. After all, she has many things to look forward to now that she is engaged to Blake Moynes. And she let her critics know just how she was feeling.

In another social media post in response, she stated: “Nah, someone is happily engaged.” The only way Katie can silence the doubters is to make happy memories with Blake.

As long as she does that, then the talk of Greg will eventually die down. But if things do not work out, then she may be left wondering whether she should have left the show with Greg. Time will tell how things will transpire. 

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