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Dean Unglert

‘The Bachelor’: Dean Unglert Wants Greg Grippo As The New Lead

Dean Unglert

The anticipation to see who the new Bachelor will be is brewing, and some of the former stars of the franchise have given their thoughts on who they want it to be. 

‘The Bachelor’: Dean Unglert Wants Greg Grippo As The New Lead

One of those is Dean Unglert. The former, who is best known for being on Bachelor in Paradise, has thrown a huge spanner in the works by confirming that he would want Greg Grippo to be announced as the lead of The Bachelor.

This could create major fireworks, given the manner in which Greg left The Bachelorette. He stormed out after telling the then lead Katie Thurston that he loved her.

When she failed to reciprocate those feelings, he left with accusations emerging that his exit was dramatised in order to garner some publicity for him and his acting career. And yet, Dean would love to see it happen.

In an interview with Us Weekly, he said: “I liked Greg a lot. Greg is handsome. I know that he has his issues with the process, I guess, but I think if Greg was, like, the guy for his season, I think things maybe go a little bit differently. That’s who I’m pulling for.”

Despite the controversy that Greg could bring, Dean sees it as a way to shake things up on the show. Following the departure of Chris Harrison, the ratings did fall. However, with the presence of Greg, the show could decide to take on a new angle by showcasing some of those who had a bad reputation but were ultimately trying to redeem themselves.

He added: “It’s a complete destruction of the show in a good way. You know, like, ‘He’s not worried about the roses, he just wants to find love…I’ve just got like a little man-crush on Greg.”

As of now, Greg is hotly tipped to be cast as the new lead, but another name on his tail is Andrew SpencerHe also appeared on Katie’s season of the show before being sent home during week 6.

And Dean could equally see Andrew filling in too. His following comments confirmed as much: “I do agree that Andrew [Spencer] would be a fantastic Bachelor as well.”

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