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Blake Moynes

‘The Bachelorette’: Blake Moynes Laments Greg Grippo’s Behaviour On The Show

Blake Moynes

Blake Moynes may be happily engaged to Katie Thurston, but he still resents Greg Grippo’s behaviour on the franchise. 

‘The Bachelorette’: Blake Moynes Laments Greg Grippo’s Behaviour On The Show

Greg, for his part, made a dramatic exit from the show after he confessed his feelings for Katie. He demanded that Katie tell him whether she loved him or not. Failure to do so on Katie’s part meant that he had enough and stormed out.

That scene would ultimately go on to dominate the season, raising question marks over whether Katie really did want to end up with Blake, given that she considered leaving the show post Greg’s walkout.

And looking back, Blake wished he could remove that whole debacle from the show. In an interview with the Insider, he said: “I do think that the whole Greg thing did take away from the love story, unfortunately. It sucks that it was such a focal point for someone who didn’t actually end up with her.” Another reason why Blake felt outraged was that the chemistry he had built with Katie was not shared with the audience as much due to the entertainment provided by Greg’s behaviour.

Naturally, a certain subset of fans felt that Katie should have ended her journey on the show and left with Greg. But for Blake, it was much more than that. He was looking to settle down with Katie, regardless of what the audience was thinking back at home.

He added: “Who cares about the viewers? We know what we have, and that’s kind of what we’re riding on, especially coming out of this and finally being able to live a real-life now.”

Now that Blake has put that to bed, he has other issues to contend with. Given the fact that he is Canadian, while Katie is American, it has left the couple wondering where they should settle down.

This is going to be a difficult decision, as one party will have to leave their home country due to the nature of visa requirements. Regardless of what the couple decide to do, the best way they can counter the stories about Greg is to continue living a happy life together.

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