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Christina Haack And Joshua Hall 

Christina Haack And Joshua Hall Have Confirmed Their Engagement

Christina Haack And Joshua Hall 

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall have confirmed that they are officially engaged. 

Christina Haack And Joshua Hall Have Confirmed Their Engagement

The duo, for their part, had been dating since June of this year. While there were concerns that their relationship was moving too fast, particularly since Christina had just divorced her ex-husband Ant Anstead, the duo could not be any happier.

In a post to their fans on Instagram, Christina shared a picture of herself and Joshua hugging each other as they are smiling. In the background, we can see candles and lots of food in preparation for the engagement. 

The news was a long time coming for the following reasons. First of all, Christina and Joshua were recently pictured together as her finger displayed what looked to be an engagement ring.

Not only that, Christina also shared another picture of herself on social media displaying the ring before she deleted it. Naturally, other people began to notice that the pair may have gotten engaged.

This included none other than Christina’s ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. He confirmed his suspicions when he saw the pictures and stated what everyone else was thinking at the time.

In an interview with Us Weekly, he said: “If a ring is on a girl’s finger and it looks like an engagement ring, and she’s with her man, what does that mean? I’m not a mind reader, [but] I’m just saying, they’re good together. I hope the best for them.” Christina is clearly in a good place.

She had been criticised for the manner of her relationships, given that Joshua is the third high profile man she has been with. Despite those comments, she has pressed ahead with what she felt to be right.

And that has rubbed off on her ex Ant who has also wished her the best too. The following comments confirmed as much: “He’s always just wished her happiness, and that’s what it looks like she’s found, so he truly wishes her the best.”

It is wonderful to see Christina and Joshua being so happy in their lives. They have many opportunities for further memories, and we wish them the best with that going forward. 

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