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‘7 Little Johnstons’: Amber and Trent Johnston Celebrate Huge Milestone Together!

From 7 Little Johnstons on TLC, Amber and Trent Johnston are happy to be celebrating a very special milestone together. They are celebrating their marriage anniversary. The couple has raised five kids together and were happy to share their big news with their fans. Not everyone knows their love story and they have started to open up more about it. Their latest posts on Instagram were adorable and fans were happy to see just how strong their love has grown.

‘7 Little Johnstons’: The Marriage Anniversary

The couple recently shared a photo together and captioned it, “A whole lotta years + a whole lotta work = a whole lotta love.” Their fans were so excited to see that they are now celebrating 23 years of marriage together. They wed back in 1998 and continue to grow more and more in love. They say that their marriage does take a lot of work and for anyone who says it’s easy, they’re lying!

As usual, fans of the couple decided to show their love and support for the Johnstons. Their Instagram pictures were blown up with wonderful compliments about their marriage and love for one another. One fan wrote, “You are my all-time favorite couple. I love how you two treat one another and respect each other. This is what a good marriage looks like and you two are amazing!” Many of their fans gave them a lot of love and congrats.

How did these two meet? Amber and Trent did meet over 25 years ago and they ran into one another in the organization called “Little People.” Amber Johnston was only 16 years old when she met Trent and tells fans that he was her first boyfriend. She told her fans that they fell for how one another looked before anything else.

They ended up dating for four years and that is when they decided to get married. They never knew how many children they wanted to have, but they took their time and now have five. There have been rumors that they are getting divorced, but they told their fans that those are only rumors and they are not even close to thinking about it.

We are so happy for the Johnstons and love the pictures that tey have shared over the years. They are a model couple and we look up to their love for one another and respect. You can check out their anniversary posts on their Instagram accounts.

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