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TLC '7 Little Johnstons' Spoilers: Family Decisions With Anna - Trent Johnstons Slams Haters

TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Family Decisions With Anna – Trent Johnstons Slams Haters

TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ spoilers finds that fans got very defensive when they saw the way Trent and Amber Johnston have started to treat Anna Johnston and the other children. Social media blew up with fans of the show criticizing the obvious way that they had made favorites in their family. Trent got very upset about how fans of the show think that they have their favorites. He did break down and say that Anna is a lot different than their other kids and sometimes she needs more attention. Find out what fans said to him.

TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Family Decisions With Anna

Anna started posting some things on her Instagram page and she called them spoilers. In her pictures, she said that she loves being at college and she is extremely happy there. She said that everything has worked out just the way she wanted it to. Not all fans of the show got to see this because they don’t follow her on Instagram. These fans were shocked to see that when Anna got to college, she seemed unhappy and miserable being there. She has been telling her parents that it was frustrating that they are the ones who chose the college for her and she had a lot of doubts. This is when the fans started in on Amber and Trent about how they treat her very differently.


TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Trent Johnstons Slams Haters

One fan wrote, “Is it just me or is Anna getting the short end of the stick? She is not a bad kid. Like Joah failed 1st year and gets a free pass but she gets shipped off without a say at all. Sorry, Trent and Amber but you guys are getting this wrong for your daughter.” Trent got very angry with fans and told them time and again that Anna is special and they hold her to a higher standard because they know she can do it. He told fans that they have kept a lot of their life very private. He also called them all “mudslingers.”

He posted a lengthy post on the fan page, “Live I’ve said thousands of times. You don’t see or know the entire story. We as parents do keep some parts of our lives private. Now let’s back up to all the mudslingers… Anna loves college, except that she had to leave early due to COVID-19 and finish all courses online. She has made lots of friends and met some good mentors. Some kids are born leaders at an early age. Some kids need to be led and pointed in the right direction.

I’m happy to share we know our kids and what’s best for them! We know this more than any show will share or any viewer will understand. Anna made A’s and the President’s list both semesters this year while working a full-time job! Anna’s winning and Mom and Dad are too!

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