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Tana Mongeau Dishes the Dirt With Trish!

Okay so slight miscalculation, Trisha Paytas was on the second podcast of Tana Mongeau’s “Cancelled” Podcast, not the first. Still, the podcast was not disappointing and jam-packed with tea. The tea spilled consisted of Gabbie Hannah trying to sell a story about Tana to a publication about a youtuber trying to hook up with her at vid-con when she was underage.

What was strange about this droplet of tea, was that the informant who originally called Tana and told her this, their name was bleeped out on the podcast, probably due to legal reasons, and the youtuber who tried to hook up with Tana, their name was not mentioned, so we don’t know who this person actually was.

Tana dishes the dirt with Trish

Still, the fact that Gabbie Hannah tried to sell someone else’s alleged trauma to a publication is so weird and kind of disgusting. Gabbie was trying to sell this theory as a possible look inside Tana’s mind, but… that’s Tana’s story to tell.

I think everyone has gone through that phase in high school when you accidentally betrayed a friend and then you learned your lesson, right? Sounds like from this podcast that Gabbie Hannah has not learned that lesson yet. First JessiSmiles and now Tana! Who knew?

Trisha disclosed that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 31, which kind of makes sense, considering how erratic Trisha’s behavior has been over the years.

There’s been a lot of people who have made armchair diagnosis’ about Trisha, some have said borderline personality disorder, some have said histrionic personality disorder, but she said she didn’t start medication and therapy until she was 29, which sort of flies in the face of what she said in one of her long ago vlogs that she was seeing a therapist but now that we know the real diagnosis maybe that was just a figment of Trish’s imagination.

Trisha asked her close to the end of the podcast about why she got rid of her former manager, Jordan Worona, and Tana answered Trisha’s question with a question of her own, since they used to be managed by the same guy, and that was, “Were you owed money?”

Tana didn’t elaborate further, mostly because her lawyer came in and started yelling at her, so we’re going to assume that there is something in the works legally behind the scenes that Tana cannot talk about. That would make a lot more sense rather than the tight-lipped and saying good things for PR Tana that we’ve seen in the last few months.

Those of us who have missed the old Tana, we’re glad for this podcast, because it looks like the days of storytime Tana have, for the most part, changed. Maybe not for good, but definitely for the time being. Stay tuned!!!

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