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Jeff Wittek fires back at Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas accused Jeff Wittek and Daniel Smith, members of David Dobrik’s vlog squad, of buying alcohol for underage girls to liquor them up for a ‘consentual skit’, according to David Dobrik, however as allegations go on it’s becoming clearer to see that consent was at the very least dubious because the girls re now coming forward and saying that David and other vlog squad members plied them with alcohol and formal consent was nowhere in the picture.

Trisha named two of the members that bought the alcohol in question, and that was Jeff Wittek and Daniel Smith. Smith has not come forward to refute the claims, but Wittek has.

Jeff Wittek fires back at Trisha Paytas

Wittek said in his podcast that he had ‘no knowledge’ of any of this ever happening, in spite of there being video evidence of him poking his head in the room where Dobrik’s associate Dom Zeglaitis, AKA DurteDom was getting his freak on.

In another interview it was said that Dom was with two girls, one conscious and one not conscious and these guys just sat around and did nothing while Dom continued his assault on a girl who was clearly unconscious, because to Dobrik and team, apparently that is consent.

Wittek said that he would go through his credit card receipts from that time, and go back to the liquor store that they purchased liquor from and prove that Trisha was wrong and that it was not him that purchased the liquor.

However, that statement is problematic because if he says he has no knowledge of the event happening, then how could he even know what store they went to? How could he know what store to even pull the tapes from? No knowledge means no knowledge, bro.

And if he truly had no knowledge of things happening then how come there is video of him poking his head into the room while Dom and the girl were doing the deed? Pretty incriminating if you ask me.

It seems like these guys are protesting a little too much over this, why would you go so hard to prove someone wrong if there wasn’t the fear that there was a grain of truth to what they were saying? Food for thought. Stay tuned!!!

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