Youtuber Trisha Paytas Calls Out Nikita Dragun!

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…Again? Man, Nikita really must want attention from Trish, because she literally copied an OG video of hers! Anyone who’s an OG Trisha Paytas follower from back in the day knows that there was a time in Trisha’s life in which she was just an A1 troll. Trisha’s still an A1 troll but these days she uses her powers to call questionable people out.

However, back in the day that wasn’t always the case. She would have literally the most clickbait-y titles on her videos, one of his “Do Dogs Have Brains” garned a whole bunch of really negative attention back in the day, but Trish never seemed to care.

Trisha Paytas calls out Nikita Dragun

However lately, she and Nikita Dragun have been beefing on twitter about things, namely just things related to clout. Trisha making fun of Nikita Dragun for only having a snapchat show. Nikita tried to clapback and say that she had her own netflix show but we found out that was a giant lie a few months later when the news broke that Nikita was instead just going to be featured on a show that was literally about the teenagers in TikTok houses… say what, girl?

Don’t lie, it’s not a good look, but getting back to the matter at hand, Trish, at one point in her trollustrious youtube career, made several videos saying that she had sexual relations with a ghost.

Specifically the ghost of Elvis Presley. 

Nikita’s video was a little different, in Trisha’s video, from what I remember, the “encounter” was consentual. In Nikita’s “encounter” was decidedly not consentual, because he came up behind her and did inappropriate things.

However, Trisha did this tale a little better because she remained a little vague as to how it happened, Nikita said that it was a bad dream, however she did say that she could literally feel things in her dream and could even feel physical pain when she woke up which made her think that she had actually been violated by the person she was sharing a room with. (She hadn’t, this person was sleeping the entire time.)

While the whole experience was pretty scary, I think someone needs to tell Nikita that sometimes you can feel physical pain in dreams. I’m not saying her experience wasn’t terrifying and I’m not exactly denying the existence of the paranormal, but… there’s too much natural phenomena to explain this one away. Sorry Nikita!

When someone pointed out the similarly themed videos, saying “It sounds like an OG Trisha Paytas video” Trisha responded with an eyerolling emoji saying “That’s because it is!” so while the experiences are different and far apart enough not to suspect copying at first glance, one has to wonder since Trisha didn’t at all acknowledge Nikita on Frenemies with their recent beef, if it wasn’t a ploy for attention. Guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Stay tuned!!!

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