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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Goes on Family Roadtrip

The Brown family on TLC’s Sister Wives has had some struggles these past few years and no matter what, some of the wives have been trying to make the best of life. Christine Brown is one of them. She recently went on a road trip with her daughters, Ysabel and Truely Brown and she has never been happier to travel with them. Not only did she put her house up for sale, but she is also now living her best life with the girls.

Sister Wives: The Family Road Trip Without Kody Brown

No one was shocked when they didn’t see Kody Brown on this road trip. Christine and her daughters decided to go to Nashville to visit Graceland and The Music City Walk of Fame. Christine posted pictures of them exploring Nashville and wrote, “Traveling cross country with Truely and Ysabel has been absolutely delightful. We’ve met so many wonderful people! There’s nothing like traveling and meeting new people that restores your hope in humanity.”

Many of Christine’s fans feel as if she needs to break away from Kody since they have such a tough year. He has yet to be at any of Ysabel’s back surgeries and not seeing him on the family trip is a little sad. What is he doing with his time these days? Is he giving it all to Robyn Brown and just forgetting about his other wives and children? Fans think that it does seem that way, but it looks like the family is having a great time doing their own things!

On the season finale of Sister Wives last season, Christine talked to fellow wife, Meri Brown, about how much she really wanted to move back to Utah and be with the family that accepts her the most. She is tired of how Kody treats her and is ready to get her life back. This seems to be the consensus for Meri as well. The two wives have been treated like they are no longer a part of the family since the pandemic began. What will become of them? Will Meri and Christine leave?

We are so happy that Christine and her daughters got a chance to get away and this time it was not for back surgery. No matter what her ups and downs have been with Kody, Christine really has done her best to be a good mother and show her daughters what a great influence she can be.

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