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Netflix's 'True Crime': Potential Serial Killer Located In Atlanta! - Where's The Nationwide News?

Potential Serial Killer Located In Atlanta! – Where’s The Nationwide News?

People in Atlanta Georgia, specifically those near the Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain, and Norcross area need to be on the lookout. If you don’t live in the Atlanta area then you probably won’t know the name of Katie Janess.

If you do then you will know that she was found in Piedmont Park at the Charles Allen entrance on Wednesday July 28th at 1:00AM. This was no ordinary drive-by, because Katie’s body was butchered savagely along with her dog. The last surveillance footage that was seen of Katie was of her walking her dog, Bowie, near the rainbow crosswalk at 10th and Piedmont Avenue.

Potential Serial Killer In the ATL

According to Police evidence, this dog died protecting their owner, and there is potential DNA evidence on the dog that could lead Atlanta Police to the killer. Until then, there is no surveillance evidence of this killer, so it could literally be anyone. Police have been canvassing the Piedmont Park area and are doing what they can but this requires our vigilance.

Now more than ever, the people who live in this area, and potentially anyone who knows information that could be helpful about the case, needs to speak up. This was not a one time grusge match or a crime of passion, the way that this murder was done really point to a serial murderer.

Even if its not a serial killer, one murder is one too many. It was a life needlessly lost, two lives in this case… or was it more than two lives? People on social media are linking the murder of 18 year old Tori Lang, who was found in Yellow River Park about 20 miles away, to this same person, but police and Atlanta’s mayor are treating it as two separate cases.

For now, unless there is DNA evidence proving that the two cases are linked or unless we get a confession out of someone there is no proof that they are linked. But the people who live in the area are treating them as linked. Which, at lead to the untrained eye, makes one wonder who on the street knows what? If there is any justice to be served, we can only hope they come forward. Stay tuned!!!

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