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‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Fan-Favorite contestant Justin Glaze The Latest to Apologize for Past Tweets

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers find we have yet ANOTHER contestant whose past has come back to haunt them and now fan-favorite, Justin is apologizing for his decades old  ‘ignorant and hurtful’ tweets.

The one man Meme-Machine, Justin has more facial expressions in a one-hour broadcast than most women in Hollywood could ever express.

Now that expression is one of contrition as  Justin apologizes and asks others not to defend him after his tweets resurfaced, “bashing the LGBTQ community”.

“What I said was ignorant and hurtful then (and) it’s ignorant and hurtful now,” he relayed to ex-Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Becca Kufrin  on this week’s episode of the franchise’s official podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour.”

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Fan-Favorite contestant Justin Glaze The Latest to Apologize for Past Tweets

Justin a 27-year-old investment sales consultant from Baltimore, continued, “As I reflect on everything I just went through with this whole journey, oftentimes people ask me what I took from it. And one of the biggest takeaways for me was just my personal growth, and one of those things is being able to hold myself accountable, which is something that historically I wasn’t able to do.”

This has changed for the better and the man is now “apologizing from the bottom of my heart for the really hurtful words that I used.”

The tweets written by Justin between 2009 and 2011 were discovered by Reddit users and included homophobic slurs and made disparaging comments about black women while promoting colorism.

This comes to a shock to viewers who enjoyed watching his one-on-one date with lead, Katie Thurston this week and were happy to see him earn a rose and stay as one of the final seven contestants.

The tweets were written when Justin was a teenager (around 14-17 years old) and as he explained, “Unfortunately, my underdeveloped brain wasn’t thinking, ‘How can these words hurt people later on in life if they were to ever resurface?’”

He also assured audiences that he wasn’t making excuses. “I need to be fully held accountable for my actions and my words. I fully understand that, and I just want people to know that I’ve changed immensely since then and I’m fully aware of the weight that my words carry.”

Of course, these tweets would merely be a blip on the radar if the controversy of Rachel Kirkconnell, last years’ “winner” of The Bachelor, had not also had racist tweets surface in her past social media history.

Her past ultimately caused the break-up of she and lead, Matt James (who are now back together and walking red carpets) and the firing of long time host, Chris Harrison after her defended her ignorance.

Previous The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star, Taylor Nolan, who has a license to practice mental health, also came under fire when her past racist and extremely insensitive tweets, telling people “killing themselves” was a form of “treatment” surfaced.

Tip for all the teens out there- don’t be a$$holes on social media. You never know when you’ll want to become an influencer after appearing on a televised dating show!

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