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Tana Mongeau Apologizes to Khloe Kardashian

I’m sure everyone remembers back around Father’s day when Tana Mongeau tweeted about Tristan Thompson being one of the first guests to show up at her birthday party, which everyone took as indirectly shading Khloe because at the time it was reported that Khloe and Tristan had just broken up so that was a bit of a extra burn.

In the tweet she also mentioned their daughter, asking, “Like babe, where’s True?” True is 3, and likely won’t be of age to enter any kind of gathering featuring Tana for at least the next two decades. (We can only hope.)

Tana Mongeau apologizes to Khloe Kardashian

This garnered Tana a lot of backlash from Kardashian fans saying that she shouldn’t speak on things that she knows nothing about, and also to keep True’s name out of her mouth. Tana, it seems, has seen the error of her ways and in her newest Cancelled podcast which she entitled “Beefing with the Kardashians” she made it a point to come forward and publicly apologize to Khloe, saying that she thought that she was an amazing, powerful woman.

However she did attempt and defend herself by saying that she initially didn’t mean anything by the tweet, it was a genuine question because her birthday party happened to fall on Father’s Day and she wondered why he would be there instead of with his family.

That is a good question. 

A few months ago in a storytime though, Tana referenced some guy that had “moved on” to a Kardashian that was originally interested in her (thanks to the dating app Raya that she mentioned) but due to a foible on her part, he had ended up moving on to the Kardashian in question and not bothering to date her again. One wonders if this was the guy that she meant or if it were perchance another guy who’s now with one of the famous LA clan.

However now that this little tidbit of information has come out, we kind of get the feeling that maybe, just maybe this is who she meant by that entire storytime. Maybe if she ever writes that book or slips up on her new podcast we’ll find out. Stay tuned!!!

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