Some Of Prince Harry’s Old Friends Might Be Worried About His Memoir

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So, just how many people must one throw under the bus in order to sell a memoir? That’s what a lot of people can’t help but wonder as there’s a new report that says some of Prince Harry’s old friends are quiet worried about his new book.

While the Duke of Sussex says that he’s not writing the book as a member of the royal family, but rather as the “man that he is now,” a lot of people from his past are quite concerned about the possible tea that he might spill in his pages. Here’s what you need to know.

According to The Daily Mail, some of Prince Harry’s friends from Eton and from the military are concerned that he might make some unwanted revelations about them in his book.

Some Of Prince Harry’s Old Friends Might Be Worried About His Memoir

Some believe this might be Harry’s way of getting revenge on them after refusing to gossip about him to the tabloid media for so many years.

One source told the publication, “‘It feels very hypocritical given Harry chucked people out of his friendship group for talking to the press. There is a fear that he’s going to reveal details of his hedonistic youth which some worry will play havoc with their careers and personal lives. Harry’s mates have remained loyal to him so far.”

Meanwhile, one royal expert believes that both he and his wife Meghan Markle are “viscous and cruel” as there’s a very good chance they might do more damage to the royal family in Harry’s book. 

Royal author and expert Jonathan Dimbleby made his comments while at an event where he was asked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s behavior this year.

He said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been rather “vicious, cruel, and horribly self-serving” in the way that they’ve dragged the royals and their names through the mud.

He said, “Harry’s remarks about his father, I simply fail to understand. I think there are certain things you should say and do in private. I believe a lot of the insinuations he made were not consistent with fact.”

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