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‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Fans Turn on Danielle Busby

‘Outdaughtered’ spoilers find that fans of the TLC show which chronicles the life of the busy Busby family are beginning to turn on matriarch, Danielle, claiming she spends too much time away from her children on vacations.

Recently Danielle has shared photos of a girls’ trip to Chicago. She wrote a long comment about getting some “Me” time, likely knowing a backlash would be coming her way.

Danielle wrote in the comments how moms do so much for their families and, though she loves all that comes with being a mom pf six- including 5 year old quintuplets- she encourages other moms to do as she is doing: take a break.

‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Fans Turn on Danielle Busby

“So Mamas out there reading this…I want to say, no matter what your “break is” and what you enjoy for YOU…just find it and do it as much as you can!” she wrote, adding a ‘manual’ of sorts for finding balance. “1. TRUST your spouse (or a sitter) to handle the daily responsibilities without you
2. Show your kids that YOU are not only a MAMA. Let them see that you have likes & interest too and one day it may be something they take after from you AND 3. We ARE BETTER MAMAs when we can find time to REPLENISH ourselves.”

However, because this is the internet, the tidal wave of backlash came anyway, with comments from critics saying that Danielle’s idea of a “break” differs greatly from the norm and that most mothers cannot afford to just jet off for a weekend while their spouse watches their children.

Another critic relayed her own experience of having to wait until their children were grown before she got a “break”.

One more decided she takes far too many breaks (Danielle had a post from a girls’ trip in Michigan in April on her IG) and yet another wanted to know when Danielle’s husband, Adam gets a break.

Another commenter decided Danielle was very ”unrelatable.”

To be fair, Danielle is a mom of quintuplets who stars on her own reality series…not many people can relate to that.

On the flip side, there were tons more positive comments from fans, cheering Danielle on for taking care of herself, especially in light of her recent health woes.

What do you think of Danielle’s controversial post– are you team “take a break” or team “take responsibility”? Let us know in the comments below and watch this space as we await a premier date for the 9th season of Outdaughtered on TLC.

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