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‘Outdaughtered’: Danielle Busby ‘Scared’ As Doctors Recommend Heart Surgery

Danielle Busby’s mystery illness continues to cloud her life as she requires a risky procedure to address the source of the problem. 

‘Outdaughtered’: Danielle Busby ‘Scared’ As Doctors Recommend Heart Surgery

Her husband, Adam Busby has also been left in the dark until a recent episode of the show in which doctors’ discovered the following: “The other day we learned that there could be something wrong with Danielle’s heart. It was like a gut punch. I wasn’t quite ready for that. Hearing the fear in her voice … she normally doesn’t let that out,” Adam said.

The news shook up Danielle for various reasons. First, she has her kids to look after, and they are aware of the problems that she is going through. But the latest revelation may be a bit too much to share with them. Things became even more serious, as the doctors confirmed that there is a possibility of her heart having a puncture.

Naturally, Danielle responded in a frightened manner. She said: “It was a lot of information for me to take in and try to remember to share. I was completely shocked with the things that you were telling me. I’m scared.” The worst was confirmed with the doctors recommending that Danielle undergo heart surgery. Any procedure carries with it a certain risk, but the prospect of cutting open someone’s chest is unthinkable.

And yet, that is what Danielle is sadly faced with. She added: “[It] sounds miserable. This is going to be the most invasive procedure that I’ve had yet, but I think what scares me the most [are] the findings of the test. I don’t want to have heart surgery.” Despite her anxiety, she has done what any mother would do: worry about her children. This is a testament to the bravery and fortitude she has shown ever since the onset of the illness.

Unlike others, who may have crumbled under the strain of it all, Danielle has stayed strong. She noted: “All I keep thinking about is, you know, ‘What about my family?” Let us hope for the family’s sake that Danielle can get back to feeling healthy again. And her fans will be there every step of the way for her. 

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