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Here’s How Meghan Markle Created ‘Her Own Family Disaster’

Maybe she’s just got that ‘touch.’ There’s a new report that suggests Meghan Markle might have been able to prevent her family drama years ago, if only she had told her family members that she was dating Prince Harry before the entire world knew about it. Harry and Meghan began their relationship in 2016 and tied the knot in 2018.

Both her father, Thomas Markle, and her half-sister, Samantha Markle, have spoken out against Meghan in recent years, as both believe they have been snubbed by the Duchess of Sussex, who has apparently cut ties with a lot of her family members. Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s How Meghan Markle Created ‘Her Own Family Disaster’

One source close to the situation told Fox News in an interview that Meghan had the opportunity to put a stop to all of the back-and-forth feuding and drama if she had only spoken to her family about her relationship with Prince Harry ahead of time.

“If Meghan was smart all she would have had to do was prep her family. All she had to do was call them, let them know what was about to happen, and say, ‘Don’t do this, this and this, and I guarantee it would have never been a problem,'” the family source claimed.

The insider went on to say that Meghan probably warned Harry about all of the scrutiny she would get because of their relationship, but at the same time did nothing but blindside her own family with the news.

“She had to think of the fact that it was going to be global attention and nonstop. That’s theroyals for you,” added the source.

The tipster also said that Meghan’s claims of not knowing many people from her father’s side of the family is not true.

“Meghan’s storyline about not really ever being close to her Markle family members is “bulls–t,” said the source, who added that she was at plenty of family events, including her grandmother’s funeral. She was seen by her family during that time. She knows her family. She knows her half-siblings.”

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