Halsey Will No Longer Do Press After Having Their Pronoun Preference Disrespected

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known professionally as Halsey announced via Twitter that she will no longer be doing interviews after Allure magazine didn’t use their correct pronouns in an August interview with the singer. She further claims their quotes were taken out of context.

Halsey called the magazine out via a series of tweets on Wednesday and chastised them, saying they need to “do f**ing better.” (They didn’t use the stars.)

Halsey claims that though her preferred pronouns were discussed as a main focal point in the magazine’s cover story, the writer then disregarded them, disrespecting the singer’s feelings of identity.

Halsey Will No Longer Do Press After Having Their Pronoun Preference Disrespected

Halsey’s announced in March that their preferred pronouns are she/they, her/them. Basically, she wants the pronouns used interchangeably, saying “the inclusion of ‘they,’

in addition to ‘she,’ feels most authentic to me.” The writer of the Allure article referred to Halsey as simply she/her for the entire piece, despite explicitly mentioning Halsey’s use of she/they pronouns and why it was important to them and their sense of identity.

The article has since been edited to include both of Halsey’s preferred pronouns.

Halsey further tweeted that she took issue with how the magazine “bastardized a quote where I discuss the privilege of being the white child of a Black parent.”

Halsey had gone in depth in the article about their struggles of being a ‘white passing’ black woman. She discussed how she both felt disadvantaged when it came to connecting with her family and culture yet advantaged by passing as white- something they feel extremely guilty about.

However, she felt the promotional lines used on the cover of the magazine “intentionally used a portion that was the antithesis of the point I was trying to make.”

Halsey had also made a point of telling the article’s author that they didn’t enjoy doing press because they often get “exploited and misquoted,” and she felt she is often “read as pretentious.”

The final tweet posted by Halsey on Wednesday read simply “#NoMorePress goodbye ❤️”

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