Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: Sabotage ahead




Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer reveal there’s something fishy going on with the family business. There was a huge family meeting on Thursday night to make some decisions about the future of the business.

Unfortunately, they were going into this without all the information. Even so, there’s still a chance the business won’t fall to the corruption of one of their own. Let’s see what happened and what could be ahead.

Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: Evidence

First, Café con aroma de mujer spoilers reveal Sebastián Vallejo (William Levy) has been reluctant to be part of the farm aspect of the business. In fact, he’s totally happy living in New York and selling the family’s product for them.

The thing is, meeting Teresa “La Gaviota” Suárez (Laura Londoño) might be changing his mind. He’s fallen hard, and even asked her to go to New York with him. But love alone might not be what keeps him in Colombia.

It seems one of his father’s employees was well-aware of his doubts about Iván Vallejo (Diego Cadavid) and had a ton of documentation about the situation. So, she planned to meet Sebastián to hand it over, which made Sebastián postpone the meeting for about an hour.

Unfortunately, Iván was filled in and beat Sebastián to the punch. Iván, as he tends to do with women, bullied this poor girl into handing all the information over. After she left, Iván told Sebastián she’d left the papers—which weren’t even close to as much info as Sebastián had been told.

Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: More suspicions

Thanks to this, it looks like the scales tipped in favor of Colombia. Café con aroma de mujer spoilers reveal the family wants both Iván as president and Sebastián for manager.

As you can imagine, Iván is not happy about that. But Sebastián now knows there is definitely something wrong and he feels a duty to stay and fix the problem.

Telemundo Café con aroma de mujer: What we see

It was way too obvious the papers were tampered with. So, we believe Sebastián will have no choice but to stay and dig up the dirt himself. Of course, we expect Iván to sabotage him at every turn. Because Sebastián’s investigation does him no favors.

He’d already laid the groundwork a couple of episodes ago with Lucía Sanclemente de Vallejo (Carmen Villalobos). So, we’re pretty sure he’ll use her love and desperation to do anything possibly to get Sebastián out of the way.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if whatever he does has long-term effects. In the original story, it looks like there was a period of time where the two leads are apart from each other.

And given Carmen’s character isn’t currently married to Sebastián, we’re guessing something like this will play out here as well. So, it could be a time jump situation.

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if Iván (or Lucía) do something so terrible, it makes Gaviota leave. Possibly making her think that Sebastián was just using her. With Gaviota gone, we could see Lucía stepping in and exerting a lot of influence that might keep him from the investigation.

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