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Telemundo La suerte de Loli spoilers: Is Rox about to go over the edge?

La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal we haven’t checked in with Roxana Margarita Estévez (Gisella Aboumrad) in a bit. Let’s see what’s been going on with her and why we think she’s setting herself up for a lot of pain.

La suerte de Loli spoilers: Plans gone awry

So, recently, we mentioned the whole surrogate thing wasn’t going so well. La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal we had one hiccup regarding the plan to combine donations from Arturo Romero (Vince Miranda) and Matías Fonseca (Christian Chávez) so the child would be both of theirs biologically. A low count for Arturo put a crimp in those plans, but they seemed to get everything settled.

Unfortunately, Rox didn’t end up pregnant. She was devastated by this turn of events and swore there had to be some sort of mistake. So, Rox definitely wants to try again. There’s just one problem with that.

La suerte de Loli spoilers: Moving on

After the bad news about the pregnancy not taking, Arturo and Matías thinks they need to move on to another surrogate. It seems Matías agrees, as he was broaching the subject with a lot of the woman still working at Global Radio. In a bit of comedy relief, they all went running in the other direction. However, we think this is going to be a bit of a problem.

La suerte de Loli spoilers: In denial?

When this thing first came up, the doctor handling the situation warned them all Rox might be a bad choice. She warned the extra weight Rox carries could make it a lot harder for the treatment to work, not to mention have a safe pregnancy. Rox was insulted. La suerte de Loli spoilers reveal she refused to accept what she was told and vowed to keep going. And she still plans to. That’s where we worry a bit about Rox.

She recently had a harsh blow when her former love moved to Mexico for a job. Something that she encouraged, partly because she didn’t want to deny him of such an opportunity. She’s been holding in so much that we think she’s on the verge of a hard fall. Especially when she finds out her friend and his partner are ready to pick someone else. We have this feeling like she’s partly doing this because she wants to help that badly, but we also think a part of her is all about proving those who say she can’t conceive and carry a child wrong. We see this potentially hurting the friendship and pushing her over that edge.