Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus is engaged to Javi & No, It’s Not THAT Javi!

This Monday, the MTV reality star revealed that she had become engaged to boyfriend Javi Gonzalez. Briana showed off the ring on Instagram along with the caption “Javi asked & I said YES! We are ENGAGED!”

Until this announcement, fans had heard very little about Floridian tattoo artist, Gonzalez.

The 27-year old spoke highly of her to-be-fiancé , (or, as she captioned one photo of her man “my next baby-daddy”) when bringing him up for the first time to E! News a couple of weeks ago.

Next thing we knew, fans were all abuzz that “Briana was engaged to Javi”…and they suitably lost their marbles.

 Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus is engaged to Javi. No, Not THAT Javi. 

Many mistakenly heard the “telephone” version of the engagement announcement and thought De Jesus had gone back to ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin.

Marroquin happens to be the baby-daddy of 6 year old Lincoln and ex-husband of  Kailyn Lowry; De Jesus’ Teen Mom 2 co-star.

A feud quickly erupted when Marroquin and De Jesus were linked and even though the relationship was short lived, the feud extended until Lowry congratulated De Jesus on her engagement this week.

Fans finally get to not just hear of, but see Gonzalez on Teen Mom 2 last night. De Jesus was exceedingly nervous for Gonzalez to film his first scenes—discussing the origins of their relationship as he tattooed her arm.

De Jesus told producers she wanted to keep their relationship away from the cameras as much as possible, mentioning that, if the relationship went sour (these scenes were filmed 3 months ago and the two had only been dating around 5 months) she didn’t want a video reminder of the relationship.

I guess its better than a child which is what she got from two previous failed relationships.

It was also mentioned that Gonzalez has two children. De Jesus also has two kids who feature on Teen Mom 2. Briana had 9 year old Nova when she was a teenager as featured on 16 and pregnant. Nova’s father Devoin Austin is still in the picture, but unreliable.

De Jesus’ other daughter, Stella is 3. Her father, Luis Hernandez was only around long enough to give De Jesus a daughter and an STD.

Here’s hoping things go well for De Jesus and Gonzalez. Those two gorgeous little girls would benefit well from having a father figure around!

Catch more about De Jesus and Gonzalez on Teen Mom 2 airing at 8 p.m. Tuesdays on MTV.

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