‘Teen Mom 2’ Spoilers: Janelle Eason ‘blocked’ by mom amidst custody battle for son Jace Evans.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ spoilers find that Janelle and her mother, Barbara Evans have never had a stable relationship. As chronicled on MTV’s 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom 2, when Jenelle gave birth to first son, Jace, she wasn’t ready to care for a child and Barbara gained custody of her grandson.

While the relationship between Barbara and Janelle has endured its share of ups and downs over the years, it looked like the mother-daughter duo were back on track. Janelle, now 29, even announced earlier this month that Barbara had given her back custody of Jace.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Spoilers: Janelle Eason ‘blocked’ by mom amidst custody battle for son Jace Evans.

Well, that’s no longer the case. Jace is back with Barbara and Barbara is no longer speaking to her daughter, even ‘blocking’ her.

The former MTV star posted a YouTube video posted over the weekend updating fans on Jace’s current living situation.

“Jace was living with me the past week and now circumstances have changed,” she said. “My mom can’t put down her pride.”

According to Janelle, she and Barbara have been butting heads since Jenelle announced on January 17 that Jace had moved in with her “full-time”. Janelle had also revealed that her son was after experiencing behavioral issues while living with his grandmother.

Barbara spoke to TMZ on January 18 and discredited Janelle’s claim of custody. Things then escalated.

Jenelle claimed Barbara decided to alter the custody plan, saying, “Jace was staying at my house, everything was fine. She agreed for him to live with me. Now, she’s trying to make me look like a dumb—. Now she’s taking it all back.”

She also revealed that Barbara reached out to her to mend fences but Janelle would not accept the apology

“No. You threw it all away when you went and talked to TMZ behind my back,” she told her mother. She further lamented, “Our relationship is ruined.”

It’s not sure when Barbara blocked her daughter, maybe after Janelle’s rant on YouTube which she claimed her husband David Eason, encouraged her to do, saying it would be good for her to film how she’s feeling in the moment.

David is no stranger to conflict himself, promptly getting himself fired from Teen Mom after a slew of homophobic remarks and shooting the family dog dead.

The shooting incident led to Janelle temporarily losing custody of all her children (she now has 3 kids, including Jace, and a stepdaughter). Janelle and David split for a short while but have reconciled and do have custody of their other children at this time.

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