’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tiffany Franco Needs To Make Up Her Mind With Ronald Smith!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that last week, Tiffany Franco was telling hubby Ronald Smith, a South African Native, that there was no way that she was going to go to South Africa to live.

He bombed his mock interview basically on purpose, but now this week she is switching her tune completely and saying that she wants to go for a 3 month visit with the kids for the holidays, even though her own family already has their very traditional cuban holiday planned.

90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Make up your mind, Tiffany!

She says that she hates this because she feels like she’s being put on the spot (and she is) and she doesn’t want to miss holidays with her own family but clearly Ronald won’t let up, she misses him and he misses the kids. Tiffany says that she eventually changed her mind because she wants her kids to be able to see their Dad.

Her Mom made an offer that maybe she ought to go visit him for a week or 10 days at the most and see just how Ronald is actually handling life and take it as a final “try before you buy” offer. Tiffany has said that if Ronald has his life together and everything that she will feel 100% better about bringing him to the US. However, if she gets there and he doesn’t have anything together, then she’s going to drop him.

However, Tiffany has a bad habit of not putting her foot down with Ronald, she has a bad habit of saying one thing and then letting her heart run away with her head. Daniel, her son, has already said that he is not moving to South Africa, and Tiffany herself has said that she doesn’t feel safe there.

Her Mom says that while Tiffany has made every sacrifice in the relationship while Ronald is just in South Africa living in the life, she also said that she didn’t think that Tiffany’s decision to get married and have kids with Ronald wasn’t her brightest idea. Tiffany maintained that she wasn’t stupid and that she does know what she’s doing.

She also said that if Ronald doesn’t check off all the boxes on her checklist that she’s rebooking her ticket and coming home. Knowing Ronald he’s going to do or say something that will make her stay, all I know is, I’m rolling my eyes already. Stay tuned!!!

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