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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Andrew Kenton Has New Woman After Amira Fiasco!

After showing off his massive weight loss, Andrew Kenton is ready to start dating again. In fact, he recent showed his Instagram followers a new woman that he is seeing. With his break up with Amira Lollysa, many of Andrew’s followers noticed that he was starting to become incredibly cocky, but now he is ready to start something new.

There have been some rumors that Andrew may be filming for the newest season of 90 Day: The Single Life. Ed Brown and Molly Hopkins were just two of the cast members of the show that followed around former cast members of 90 Day Fiancé to see what they are doing out in the dating scene.

90 Day Fiancé: Andrew Kenton Has New Woman

With Andrew single, this could be his chance to cash in on some new TLC fame and money. Andrew has blamed a lot of things on the way TLC edited his relationship with Amira. There are some things that he has said online though that make fans feel differently.

During the Tell-All episode, he acted like a child, to say the least, and fans immediately were thrown off by his behavior. Amira was blamed for manipulating him and then Andrew said all of the gifts that she bought for him were cheap. Perhaps Andrew being back on the dating scene will help him to see what he was missing out on with Amira.

After losing 100 pounds with the Keto diet, he is on the prowl yet again. He is showing off his confidence to all of his followers and he really does look pretty good. There is a new woman that keeps showing up in his Instagram Stories and fans are very curious about who she is.

The woman in his pictures is beautiful and the post that she shared read, “Did anyone else have their dinner and drinks paid for by a reality star tonight?” She also mentioned that he is not a bad guy and had a great time with him on their date. The post was shared by Instagram account, Mommy Says Bad Words and you can see the full post there.

Fans are very excited for Andrew and they hope that they can get a chance to see more of him with this new woman in his life. Things are looking pretty good so far for them and we are happy that he has lost the extra weight that he wanted to.

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