Youtuber Tana Mongeau Considers Vaginoplasty!

Youtube influencer Tana Mongeau recently posted a tiktok saying that she and a friend of hers were going to a medspa in LA to possibly get lip fillers and get vaginoplasty done. Of course she phrased it in only a way that Tana would, but we’ll keep it PG for the sake of DSD’s audience.

She implied that it was a little surreal to her because everyone was normalizing the procedure which is to be expected at a place where the procedure is performed. No one wants a judgmental doctor.

Though… one just has to wonder…

How much mileage has Tana put on herself to warrant her considering a vaginoplasty? We’re not judging but considering Tana has not embraced the quiverfull life (although according to how many times she’s rumored to have taken Plan B maybe that should be the next phase) and she’s only 22 years old at the time of this writing, it just raises some questions.

Did she have an unfortunate accident with a certain purchase from one of those websites that she gets her coupon codes from? Did she take on a romantic task that was too much for her? I mean, we know she’d be safe with Jake Paul because rumor has it whatever he does can be over with in 30 seconds, but clearly, Tana’s been around the block, so perhaps being dumped for a Kardashian was more beneficial to her health than anything.

Again, we’re not slut-shaming, but we kind of hope that Tana was kidding about vaginoplasty. We seriously don’t think she followed through on it though because literally a few days later she actually took a tiktok of her going to pee on the jet plane she was on. We can pretty much guarantee that if she had had any sort of procedure done that trip to the potty would have been way too graphic for tiktok.

Unless she was on cloud 9 due to painkillers and that could be a possibility too, but a way more unlikely one, because she seemed pretty… present in all of the tiktoks afterwards. Maybe she did a consultation about the procedure and the doctor told her no? Will this make it into a storytime? Haha, not going to lie, that might make for an entertaining one. Stay tuned!!!

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