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Tana Mongeau Launches Influencer Management Company As Fans Point Out She Has Trouble Managing Her Own Life

Tana Mongeau has decided to launch her latest in personal cancellation scandals–erm, excuse me, personal business ventures shall we say by launching a management company. That’s right, over on Instagram she made the announcement that now she will be managing up and coming influencers.

She said that since she gets so many questions asking how she makes money on onlyfans and how to get started as an online creator that she has decided to take some new influencers under her wing and partner with unruly agency and whoever @taruhhh is.

Tana Mongeau… manager?

Apparently these two people are the ones who helped her turn “Tana Uncensored” into a multi-million dollar business within a year. She calls  it “TAA” or “Tana’s Angels Agency”.

She said that she signed with unruly in April of 2019 but as of November 2020 she had signed with David Weintraub of the DWE agency, so what happened there, did Weintraub drop her as a client or did she just forget she had prior commitments to this other agency  and now as part of her personal accountability journey she had to go back and lick her calf over and fulfill her obligations to Unruly Agency and @taruhhh? She says that these two people have been instrumental in teaching her about authenticity, honesty, and working hard…

…But didn’t she say the same thing about her new life coach a few months back?

She said she wants to give back to the community that gave her everything, which is a lofty, noble goal indeed, but the question stands, can she do it? Right now she doesn’t really have the best track record when it comes to business ventures.

I mean, there was Tana Con, and a whole bunch of other ‘business ventures’ that were deemed scams for more money. Also since her lingerie line was kind of a flop (some still haven’t received their items and those who have are complaining of holes and the fact that they have to pay to ship back the items) it’s about time that she approached life with a new scam.

Some fans aren’t buying this though, some fans have even come out and commented “Tana, you can’t even manage your own life.” which is true, for the last year she’s needed a “personal accountability coach” to get her to wake up on time to photoshoots and brand deals. So how exactly is she going to manage other influencers?

Or is that her gimmick? To teach people the Tana Mongeau way of stumbling through life? Honestly, if she’s somehow mastered a way to wake up and fall in a pile of money every morning then hey, what could it hurt?

The only thing is, at the end of the day the only person who’ll be waking up and falling in a pile of money is her, and not the people she’s going to dupe into signing with her, but we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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