Why is Ellen DeGeneres Living At Courteney Cox Home?

Rumors ran rampant when it was discovered that Ellen DeGeneres is living at Courteney Cox’s home. The Friends star was a guest on DeGeneres’ talk show last week where the host referred to Cox as her “landlord.”

Cox decided the moniker was wrong, and that Cox considered herself more a roommate of DeGeneres’. The comedienne agreed saying, “Yes, we’re roommates. We don’t see each other a lot, but we’re roommates.”

This had the Ellen show virtual audience members’ ears perking up and people wanting to know why DeGeneres’ living situation had changed. The bigger questions, where was DeGeneres’ wife of 12 years, Portia de Rossi?

Why is Ellen DeGeneres Living At Courteney Cox Home?

“I’m not having marital troubles… I’m not living with Courteney Cox because I’m kicked out of my house,” the 63-year-old claimed.

It turns out DeGeneres and De Rossi sold their Beverly Hills pad and suddenly found themselves homeless. Lucky for the ladies, Cox offered up her home for the pair.

Cox went on to claim that DeGeneres isn’t the world’s best roommate and that she spread out her things onto ‘Cox’s side’, even though Cox hasn’t stepped foot into that specific home in over a year. DeGeneres refuted the claim, blaming her wife for taking up too much space.

The home DeGeneres and De Rossi sold was the five bedroom, 10, 000 square foot home that they’d purchased from Maroon 5 front man , Adam Lavine for $42.5 million in May 2019.

The ladies put the ivy covered estate up for sale in March of 2021, asking $53.5 million. The home was purchased by a mystery buyer in just over a month of the huge home being put on the market. The couple ended up accepting the offer of just $47 million.

With only a 4 and a half million dollar profit in under a year, we hope the ladies will be okay!!!

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